5 Best Smart Locks For Airbnb Hosts [2023]

eufy Security S230 Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi, Fingerprint Scanner

We believe at AirDeed, that having a smart lock for your short-term rental is essential. The old days of a hidden key in a lockbox are gone except for emergency situations when the smart lock fails. Below are the 5 best smart locks for Airbnb hosts in different categories so you can decide which level of functionality you need for your property. From budget dumb locks to the highest level of functional smart features, one of these below should be in your inventory. All the below are rated at 4.5 stars by consumers who actually use the devices.

Leading Locks For Airbnb Property

Best Budget Airbnb Smart Lock

The Wyze Lock is the best budget smart lock that works with your smartphone, voice assistants, and the Wyze app. This lock fits most single-cylinder deadbolts and includes an auto-lock feature for automatic locking after 30 seconds in the closed position. Access logs can be viewed in real-time, or at any point during the past 24 hours, so you know exactly when someone locked or unlocked your door and if someone tried to tamper with the lock. The base model doesn’t come with a keypad but you can purchase this separately or you can share access to your guests via a link and they can then use their phone for entrance.

Best Multiple Access Airbnb Lock

The eufy Smart Lock Touch features a fingerprint reader that unlocks with the press of a thumb, auto-unlocking when it recognizes you, and locking behind you so you never have to worry about keys again. Plus, the built-in Wi-Fi capability lets you control the lock from anywhere. This is important for an Airbnb smart lock because you can set user codes from your home base for each guest to have access and even set the times that the code will be active. In addition, it’s also useful for contractor access when the property needs to be cleaned or a repair is being conducted. These features make it the best multiple access lock.

Best Smart lock for Airbnb With Fingerprint Access

One of the best advanced modern smart locks in the market, the Ultraloq wifi lock is compatible with any existing deadbolt on the door and can be controlled from anywhere with Android or iOS smartphones. The app allows sharing of eKeys with guests and contractors for permanent access, specific dates, or periods of time. Bluetooth + WiFi dual network connectivity ensures your smart lock is always within reach. A strict 2.4GHz Wi-Fi system will be a problem for some whose wifi network can’t be split into two separate bandwidths.

Best Overall Airbnb Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Yale Assure Wifi Smart Lock is the next generation of electronic residential locks from Yale-equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for keyless access. Lock and check lock status with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit or by using the Yale Access App. Share your unique code or eKey to let Short-term Rental guests access in a single tap with the August app, or send codes directly from your existing property management software.

Top Basic Airbnb Door Lock

The Amazon Basics Traditional Electronic Keypad is an electronic deadbolt offering convenience, flexibility, and security without smart features. This customizable door lock allows entry using a programmed security code or your house key. With the ability to grant temporary or permanent access codes to guests, cleaners, or contractors. The main downside is that this can only be programmed in person which shouldn’t be the preferred way to operate your business as this is a large waste of time. This is in contrast to the best Airbnb smart locks which can be programmed through your smartphone.

So the 5 best smart locks for Airbnb hosts come at all price points to accommodate everyone. No matter which of these smart locks you decided to purchase, feel comfort in knowing you are purchasing a quality product from the top manufacturers in the industry.