How To Furnish Airbnb Apartment

Modern airbnb apartment living room with a couch, coffee table and stools in background

Airbnb offers vacation rental properties that are home-like and travelers love. These rentals offer all the comforts and conveniences of home but are more popular than hotels. The ultimate retreat is one that guests return to again and again. This is what rental hosts strive for and great reviews of course. We have ideas for Airbnb hosts and vacation rental owners looking to learn more about how to furnish Airbnb apartment.

5 Features Every Airbnb Guest Desires

  • Comfortable Beds: Regardless of how trendy or beautiful your Airbnb is, guests will quickly complain about the uncomfortable bed.
  • Information on How Things Work: Great hosts keep a record of any quirks in their house, such as the hot and cold water valves that are reversed in the bathrooms. These details can also reduce panicked calls from guests late at night. Don’t be too generous — guests often feel they might have done something wrong by finding notes all over the place.
  • Great Wi-Fi: Today’s guests often work while on the road, or are simply looking for photos to share with their friends. Your reviews can suffer if you have slow internet.
  • Coffee: Most travelers will need to get their coffee before they head out on their day. It’s nice to have a single-cup coffeemaker.
  • Closet Space and Hangers: Guests who stay for more than one night will need to hang their clothes up.

Decorating a short-term rental property is more than making guests happy. Your online photos can make or break your success. Your rental photos are important when you start a rental or add new decor. Think like a homeowner staging their home for sale. Your space will need the same attention to detail to attract guests online. These are our top decorating tips for Airbnb apartments. For our full article on interior design click here.

Decorating Your Airbnb Living Room

You may find a living area in your Airbnb rental or a studio with seating. It is essential for guests to be able to visit and watch TV in a separate space. A comfortable sofa is essential, if you aren’t comfy sitting on it neither will your guests. It is important to get it in the right size so as to not overcrowd the space as apartments tend to have fewer sq ft than homes.  An accent chair or ottoman is a good option if you pick a bold color or design. Having colorful items in photos leads to more bookings compared to boring colorless listings. You should have enough seating for everyone in your rental home, even if it means that a bench or dining table can be pulled into the space.

For large furniture like sofas, neutral colors are the best option. They last longer than lighter colors and can withstand more wear and tear. You can give your space character and style by adding color to your accent chairs or ottomans.

Throw blankets and accent pillows are essential great design elements for vacation rentals as they can add depth and contrast to your apartment. These decor items not only reflect your home’s style but also provide comfort for your guests.

Ideas for Decorating the Kitchen & Dining Areas

It is likely that you already know that an Airbnb rental kitchen has to have all the essential cooking tools necessary for guests to cook a meal. Therefore, it is important to choose the right dinnerware. The choice of dinnerware should match your decor theme and reflect your color scheme. Matching your dinnerware with kitchen accessories like linens and utensil holders creates a cohesive look that guests will remember. If your rental is kid-friendly, think about getting some kids silverware and plates.

Focus on Your Bedrooms

As an Airbnb rental property owner, one of the best things you can do is to spend at least one night in your rental, preferably several times a year. This will allow you to experience the apartment rental as your guests do. You’ll be able to tell if the beds are comfy, if the bedding is suitable for the weather and how your home works for guests. It doesn’t matter if you have the most beautiful Airbnb rental if its uncomfortable.

It’s easy to decorate your Airbnb bedrooms with complete bedding sets. These pre-matched sets can be customized with additional accessories such as pillows and throws. You can mix and match bedding and accessories in two bedrooms if you are decorating multiple rooms.

Adding art on the wall that matches your theme is also important so the space feels like a home and not a generic bland hotel-like atmosphere. Some other options include bold wall paper of an accent wall to give the space some color.

Bathroom Essentials for Any STR

It’s a good idea to test towels at home before you buy towels for your Airbnb rentals. You can’t assume that your guests will want them to be used every day at home if you don’t like them. For repeat guests renting out their homes, soft and absorbent towels should be a must-have. You should buy at least 2 sets of towels in the accent colors you choose, to match your bed linens.

Ensure there is a small trash can in the bathroom for convenience as well as a complimenting shower mat. Again you can add art and color to the space to match the rest of the apartment.

Decorated Outdoor Apartment Spaces

You shouldn’t stop at the front door when decorating an Airbnb apartment. You should also make sure that your guests have access to the outdoor area of your vacation rental. A small Airbnb rental can have an outdoor space that provides additional relaxation and sells the guest on booking the property. This is especially important for apartments as they can have small outdoor spaces like patios and balconies.

If you view your outdoor spaces as an extension of your home and add your own style and colors, your rental will feel bigger to your guests. An small exterior dining area is a great way to maximize your rental space, especially when there’s not enough room indoors. Outdoor pillows, rugs, and colorful Adirondack chairs can transform a patio into a living space. You should look for accessories that are low-maintenance and can be stored in adverse weather. See our full article for outdoor design here.