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What Are The Best Airbnb Books For Owners & Hosts?

It’s thrilling to get into the Airbnb industry at the beginning. Your thinking is that the guests will be well behaved and you’ll have full calendars. You’ll want to buy more Airbnb homes.

However, during the slow seasons, the prices drop, calendars are less full and the complexities involved in running an AirBnB business started to emerge.

You needed to know everything about improving your rental vacation listing from photos to copywriting. These will help you with managing rental properties.

The Best 6 Books Every AirBnB Host & Owner Should Have On Their Coffee Table

Looking for the best books for AirBnB hosts?

The following list contains books that can directly affect the success of your short-term rental. The vacation rental market is highly competitive and requires new skills. Even worse, with the explosion of Airbnb listings recently, many markets are oversaturated with STRs so you need to stand above the rest to thrive.

Overall Best Book On Running An Airbnb Rental Property

Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Wealth

This book will help you make a profit from short-term rentals. It covers everything, including how to analyze potential properties and how to manage your listings.

Avery Carl will teach you how to find, acquire, and manage a temporary rental anywhere in the country. He’ll also show you how to avoid common pitfalls that can keep investors from getting started.

Every Airbnb Host’s Tax Guide (3rd Edition)

The first and only tax guide for short-term rental hosts, this contains important information about deductions, records to keep and how to segregate personal and business use.

It is aimed at hosts who rent their homes and does not appear to provide enough information for short-term rental businesses. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have it. The rest of the information will help guide you through the complicated waters of taxes.

Optimize YOUR Bnb: The Definitive Guide to Ranking #1 in Airbnb Search

This book not only contains tips and tricks, but also includes checklists for cleaning your team and Superhost status from an Ex-Airbnb Employee.

Strategies and tools for getting more guests reviews and screening out bad hosts. Message templates streamline the process and make it look like you’ve been hosting since forever.

This rental book has as many courses as $1000 and will dummy-proof your AirBnB.

Interior Design Master Classign Master Class

It takes years to master interior design. It is based on natural rules, such as the Golden Ratio, which we can find in nature. Our instincts as humans tend to favor certain layouts, colors, and textures, even though it is not obvious.

Being able to comprehend the process and control the emotions that one feels by being in your space, is something every rental property AirBnB host should have.

The Interior Design Master Class provides insights into designers’ thought processes and will assist you in designing your space to appeal specifically to your target audience. You will be able create unique designs that reflect your style and add a unique touch to your space that no one else can duplicate.

Photography for Real Estate Interiors

You think you can take photos of your space and sell bookings like hot-cakes with your smartphone?

To shoot your interior, you must first understand lighting, composition, exposure and white balance.

We know that only 15% hosts have quality photos of their short-term rental. This means that there is an 85% quality gap you can use to make your AirBnB stand out.

Professionally composed photos will get people to click on your listing. This creates the impression that you are a professional host and guests can trust that you are trustworthy.

Photography for Real Estate Interiors, is exactly that book. It is also the first in a series of books dedicated to real estate photography. This book is filled with valuable information about work flow and what shots to use for your rental properties. It also contains links to tutorials on editing photos.

Copywriting Secrets

Copywriting is what makes your readers want to continue reading, reveal new information, and make them feel the way that you want (when they want it to feel it). Copywriting is an art, but it is also supported by data, especially consumer behavior.

Copywriting Secrets is a book that walks you through how to create your own content. It includes examples of headlines and when they should be used. It’s written by a copywriter, who also writes his own copy. This means that you can trust him to practice what he preaches.

Your description on Airbnb& VRBO doesn’t have to be about the facts of your space. It should also include your opportunity to convince visitors to choose you over other competitors.

Copywriting is the tool that will get your real estate rental properties listing to where you want.

Knowledge Is Key For Success With Rental Properties

To be able to compete in the digital age, it took us many years of research and trial and error. Hosting on AirBnB doesn’t come cheap. Keep these rental books on your coffee table and read them when you can.

These are the only books that you need to get every ounce efficiency and profit out of your short-term rental properties. Everything works together to build upon each other, from interior design to taxes to photography.

With all this information, you have everything you need to be a huge success with AirBnB.