A Zillow alternative that lets you see more local information – without sharing your privacy data

Want to search for your next home with actual important local data? Airdeed a full website, integrated local business proximity data for every home and investment rental data if your interested in renting your property part-time or full-time.

No Selling Your Data

While Zillow works fine if you want your information sold or love being pushed Zillow products, Airdeed is committed to never sharing or selling your information without your prior authorization. No loopholes, your information is only shared if you request a mortgage quote or real estate information.

Homes Are Just The Beginning

Zillow is an extremely limited platform with very little information buyers actually want, At Airdeed, we have invested in ensuring that the experience we give to buyers is focused on what they need to know about the local area. Nearby Businesses, Police Station, Fire Station, Hospital and much more.

Not Beholden to Shareholders

While Zillow is largely controlled by the major investment firms like Vanguard Group Inc., BlackRock Inc., and Fidelity to focus on profit over customers, Airdeed is 100% private owned by a disabled veteran. No private equity, growth equity, venture capital firms or hedge funds have any role in our operations.

Video comparison

Airdeed vs Zillow

Airdeed and Zillow are both real estate search engines, but which one is right for you? In this video, we’ll compare the two and give you the info you need to decide.

Comparing Airdeed vs. ZillowAirdeedZillow
Local Business DataX
Proximity DataX
Investor DataX
Save SearchesXX
Crime Data
Sexual Predator Data
Property InformationXX
Inaccurate Property EstimatesX
Underhandedly Sell Your DataX

Why Buyers Are Choosing Airdeed over Zillow

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Airdeed vs. Zillow: What’s right for me?

Great question! We obviously think we’re pretty great, but here’s an honest answer:

Both platforms let you search for real estate. Both give you basic property details, property photos, 3D tours if available, free accounts, and interactive map search.

But while Zillow is primarily an advertising platform with real estate listings, Airdeed is an all-in-one real estate search engine that replaces the need to search other platforms for important real estate buyer information, including safety information, nearby businesses like restaurants and shops, and much more.

Let’s take a closer look at how Airdeed and Zillow stack up.

Learn More About The Homes Neighborhood

Zillow lets you search for real estate, but Airdeed gives you the tools to find your home

With Airdeed, it’s like you have a real estate search engine and google maps combined. You are given the hyper local information about the neighborhood for each house from businesses to safety information like how far the closest police or fire station is.

With Zillow, you can only investigate the actual house listing. You can also request to speak with a real estate agent and request a mortgage quote.

On Airdeed, you have all that and much more. Want to know what attractions are near a particular home? Airdeed has you covered. What to know where the nearest gold courses are? We have that as well.

By choosing a platform with relevant local data, your real estate search becomes less stressful. You don’t have to worry about buying a home in a high crime area or near a sexual predator because we include those resources for you.

With Airdeed, everything you need is in one real estate search engine.

Interested in Real Estate Investing

While both Airdeed and Zillow offer real estate search capabilities, only Airdeed provide advanced data that real estate investors need. You can get unlimited access to short-term rental, long-term rental and fix and flip data for a simple price.

With Airdeed, each property page has a STR, LTR and fix and flip tab that is populated with nearby comparables in a google map. These are populated based on the properties address so gives the closest comps for the selected property. You can even export the data and it’ll export even more comps for the whole zip code.

Third-Party Property Page Integrations

Airdeed IntegrationsZillow Integrations
Short-Term Rental DataTravel Times
Long-Term Rental DataSchool Data
Fix & Flip DataWalk/Bike Score
Safety DataLGBTQ Legal Protections
School Data
Local Interest Rates
Nearby Restaurants
Nearby Stores
Nearby Banks
Nearby Attractions
Nearby Subway Stations
Nearby Golf Courses

Airdeed is a virtual home base for your real estate search

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Cory Weikel

Founder | CEO Airdeed Homes

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