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Airbnb for Sale Map With Short-Term Rentals for Sale Across The Country

Whether you’re buying, selling, or just wanting to learn more about vacation rental properties, we can help you move forward. AirDeed is the fastest growing short-term rental buying and selling marketplace in addition to being 100% free which can’t be said for our rivals. As you can see above, our quantity of STRs and Airbnbs for sale is immense and growing every day.

Airbnb Real Estate FAQs

How do you buy property on Airbnb?

Buying a short-term rental real estate investment, whether it’s a VRBO or Airbnb it’s the same as buying a primary residence home with a few exceptions. The loan process will be different, and the need to calculate the financial rental numbers and understand the travel future growth in the area are some of the big differences. Luckily you’ve already found the fastest-growing marketplace for selling and buying Airbnbs.

Can owning an Airbnb be profitable?

Owning an Airbnb can be extremely profitable when run correctly but can also be a complete disaster if you aren’t fully prepared and don’t put in the effort to make it an experience. These types of properties tend to have higher returns than both commercial real estate and long-term rentals. 

Can you buy a house on Airbnb?

Yes and No. Airbnb’s for sale currently aren’t allowed to be transferred to a new owner, this is in direct contrast to buying a VRBO which allows transfers. So while you can buy an Airbnb that is listed on the home-sharing website, you will need to create a new Airbnb property listing. All future bookings will need to be canceled by the seller and coordination to try and get those people to rebook with your listing is vital.

Should I buy a VRBO or Airbnb?

Ideally, the seller has been using both Air bnb and VRBO in addition to limiting future bookings to VRBO as they transfer to the new owner. However, this is rarely the case. While this shouldn’t determine what property to buy, it can be an extra ranking factor if you are looking at similar STR real estate investments.

Should I buy a VRBO or Airbnb?

Our main priority is to offer short-term rental investors a single place to buy and sell investment vacation homes. That’s why we created a one-stop shop for short-term rental properties. Search our Airbnbs for sale below.

Airbnbs For Sale in California

Why Buy Real Estate Here?

While California is full of short-term rental properties, is also one of the largest tourist destinations in the United States. Even better most of the properties are all the same so it is easy to differentiate your STR.

Airbnbs For Sale in Tennessee

Why Buy Property Here?

The Smoky Mountains don’t just have amazing mountain nature to explore, they also have amazing attractions and are building more as we speak. Search Airbnbs for sale on our interactive map.

Airbnbs For Sale in Florida

Why Buy Oceanfront homes?

Beachfront vacation rentals are some of the most popular due to the length of stay tourists stay at the beach and the demand for short-term rentals along the beach sand. These are the top Airbnb categories.