Every Acquisition Is Unique


Some clients are revenue focused and location isn’t a factor. They want to maximize their cash-flow on a yearly basis.


Some clients are location focused. They want personal use or want the revenue to pay for their future retirement beach home.


Some clients are focused on luxury as the key factor. Their goal is to have their property in the Airdeed Luxury Property Network.

STR Total Cost $10,000 | Due 30 Days After Closing

LTR Total Cost $3,000 | Due 30 Days After Closing

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Property Acquisition

What is Airdeed Property Acquisition?

Our property acquisition refers to the process of targeting, analyzing and helping our clients gain ownership or rights over a real estate property. The rules of acquisition of any given investment property may vary from state to state, however, most follow a standard process.

Airdeed Search & Discovery

Finding the right property is the primary goal of the search phase of property acquisition. Starting off with a basic set of requirements and our consultation will help when matching the property to a client.