Is Miami Good For Airbnb?​

Miami beach with hotels in the background and ocean to the east

You may have been looking in Florida for an Airbnb and thought “Is Miami Good For Airbnb?”. The answer is simple, Miami is a great location for vacation rental homes not just for current income. It is growing in popularity every day due to the rising global demand for short-term rentals near the beach in hot spot cities. The neighborhoods below are the best places to invest in Miami Airbnbs as of 2023

Miami Airbnb Occupancy Rate 2023​

Bedroom Distribution
Bedroom Type Occupancy Rate
Studio 46%
1 Bedroom 42%
2 Bedroom 38%
3 Bedroom 38%
4 Bedroom 47.5%
5 Bedroom 53%
6 Bedroom 61%

Top 10 Airbnb Miami Neighborhoods

Airbnbs in Florida and Airbnbs in Miami are top destinations for tourists not just in the United States but also for global travelers. This is a major reason why the Airbnb industry has been so successful in this region. Miami offers great weather year-round, numerous beaches, cruise ports,  and tourist spots, making it a popular destination for people looking to escape harsh northern winters or enjoy a relaxing family vacation.

Airbnb listings are not available in every Miami neighborhood. Many factors play a part in this.

Coral Gables
South-West Coconut Grove
Liberty City
Little Haiti
North Bayfront
North Bayfront
Little Havana

Keep in mind, however, that your investment’s success is not dependent on the location. Overtown is a great example of a place where you can find the most successful listings. Pay attention to the Airbnb laws and regulations in any location where you plan to invest. Our premium membership will give you all the knowledge and experience that you need to be successful in real estate investing and Airbnb Miami. This will allow you access to our STR Revenue Estimator as well. We hope this page answered your question on if Is Miami Good For Airbnb, if you have any questions feel free to contact us. 

Is Airbnb Profitable In Miami?

Bedroom Rental Prices
Bedroom Number Monthly Revenue
Studio $1920
1 Bedroom $2225
2 Bedroom $3130
3 Bedroom $4267
4 Bedroom $5810
5 Bedroom $8434
6 Bedroom $10109

Miami Airbnb Investment FAQs​

How much money can you make on Airbnb in Miami?

The current average monthly Airbnb rental income is roughly $3575. This equals to $42,900 as of 2023. However, many airbnb owners make much more than this and some make less. If you run your airbnb like a business and understand what makes a unit stay booked, you can crush these numbers.

Do Florida condos allow Airbnb?

The answer isn’t as simple as a Yes or a No. Condos are operated based on the HOA documents. Many condos in Florida and Miami allow short-term rentals. However, they are also a good amount that don’t. The only wait to find out is to read the HOA documents and consult with their representative.

Whats the average occupancy rate for Airbnb in Miami?

The current average occupancy rate for Airbnb properties in Miami is 42.6% as of 2023. However, this combines all bedrooms together. To see the full breakdown, see our data chart above.

Whats the average nightly rate for Airbnb in Miami?

The current average nightly rate for Airbnb properties in Miami is $262 as of 2022. However, this combines all bedrooms together. Generally the larger the home the higher the ADR.