What Are The Best Airbnb Interior Design Ideas?

Airbnb interior design does not have to be expensive. You can easily find many ways to make your home or apartment Instagram-worthy by simply searching online on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other social websites.

Outdoor patio with couch and ceiling

Airbnb interior design is a crucial step for short-term rental owners and hosts. Modern tourists are more sophisticated and have more choices. Therefore, your occupancy rate and ROI can be affected by a poor or unattractive interior design.

A well-designed, attractive design can result in more bookings and revenue. We’ve collected the top tips for styling your vacation rental. These will help you create an inviting space that attracts more guests and provide a memorable experience.

How To Select The Right Interior Design For Your Airbnb?

Determine Your Typical Guest

It is important to pay attention to the needs of your Airbnb guests when designing your interior. This will make it easier to choose the right guests for your Airbnb interior design.

You should do this before you begin your furniture search. The type of guest you select will determine the furniture and design choices. For example, you can choose to market your rental for the following guests:

  • Families with children
  • Pet Travelers
  • Business Travelers
  • Northern Snowbirds
  • Different Generations

It should be designed to suit the needs of the niche that you are targeting. Workers will appreciate a comfy desk while those traveling with their pets or children will be more satisfied with a well-organized outdoor space.

Property Location Should Influence Design

The location of your Airbnb property should be reflected in the interior design. It would be absurd to provide beach towels if your property is a rustic mountain cottage. Basically, your style should be appropriate for the location of your rental.

Bland Rentals Are A Thing Of The Past, Theme Your STR

You can make your property stand out by choosing a theme design. You can make your property stand out in a crowded market by using this approach. If you own a waterfront short-term rental, you could use a beach theme or a combination theme to include upscale living areas with theme-designed rooms.

More guests are requesting cottages, barns, and cabins. Although you may not be able to afford such a property, it is evident that travelers want out-of-the-ordinary accommodation.

Even if you don’t have a lot of competition, it might be worth considering this Airbnb interior design approach. The demand for unique properties is growing even if your market doesn’t have many. According to Airbnb unique stays outnumber traditional options in search results.

Two blue chairs with a bookcase in the background set up by an airbnb interior designer

Get Interior Design Inspiration From Social Media

You don’t need to go far or spend a lot of money to find the right style. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to find inspiration. Pinterest allows users to save pins and organize them on boards.

Many Instagram accounts share content about interior design and the most recent design trends. Instagram allows users to save photos and organize them in separate folders. To visualize your design, you can create a board by selecting your favorite design ideas.

Take Your Interior Design As An Airbnb Owner & Host To The Next Level

There are many inexpensive ways to create beautiful interiors, from floors to ceiling lights. These smart styling strategies can make even the most basic property feel luxurious and first-class.

Location Storytelling Themes Are Becoming Popular

Many hosts believe that a uniform design is the best way to accommodate all guests. However, Guests don’t want this.

Property with personal touches that tell a story about their host and the location are more popular with guests. This effect can be achieved by adding some quirky and fun items, such as small figurines or local ceramics, that spark curiosity and intrigue.

However, Just because you own it doesn’t mean that you should fill your home with personal belongings. Guests might feel uncomfortable if you have too many personal belongings, such as family photos around the home. They might feel unwelcome and like they have intruded on your private space. It is also risky from a security perspective.

High-Quality Furniture Will Last Longer

It is easy for hosts to forget that guests will not be impressed by what they have at home. Durable, high-quality furniture will be more economical in the long term since it will attract more visitors.

It will not only look better over time, but it will also save you money on furniture replacements.

If you’re looking for something unique and unusual, this is the perfect excuse to wander through your local vintage shops.

Furniture sets are great for homes but not for vacation rentals. A mix of unique and statement pieces will help you create an attractive listing. If your goal is to create a memorable experience, a furniture set is not the best choice.

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Use Bold Colors, Art and Furniture

Bold accents can make your property stand out. There are many ways to be bold, from wallpaper to wall color.

For example, you can paint your front door a bright blue or saturated red. This is an inexpensive way to make your property stand out. It also makes it easier for people to find it. You can choose to paint just one wall of your rental with an accent or paint around the frames.

You can also incorporate bold accents by using bulky art or installing a lighting feature. Whatever your approach, bold accents will increase the visibility of your listing.

Painted wall design with "this must be the place" neon lights

You can stick to neutral colors if you prefer, but don’t paint it all white. All-white furniture and interiors may look stylish and elegant, but they are not the best option for short-term rentals. They are easy to stain, which can increase your cleaning costs.

Create A Workspace For Business Travelers

A comfortable workspace is essential if you’re targeting both business travelers and workaholics. It can be quiet and private, but not so far from the modem that the internet is too slow.

Create good lighting

Lighting serves two purposes. It not only creates the right atmosphere, but it also helps to avoid accidents. A large mirror placed next to a window is one way to get more natural light. Hanging lighting can create a unique look. A glass pendant can give your space a unique look depending on who you are inviting.

No matter what you do, don’t just install one source of lighting.

Be creative and incorporate multiple sources of light. You can mix and match your lighting options by using overhead, task, or accent lights. It will not only make the space look more fashionable and less boring, but will also provide sufficient lighting.

Bring On The Plants

You can bring life and color to your home with indoor plants. For example, you can place a bouquet on your kitchen counter, and then add a few low-maintenance plants near a window or coffee table.

A flower hanging is a great option if you want to make your home more fashionable. Hanging plants indoors are very popular. They can be used to add greenery and a new dimension.

Although plants can improve the air quality and atmosphere, certain plants can cause skin reactions or allergies. Some plants can be toxic to humans and animals, too.

It is important to do extensive research if you have pets or children who will be staying at your property. Intentionally ingesting it can cause mild irritation, severe breathing problems, and even death. Therefore, sometimes the best route to go are high quality fake plants and flowers.

Bring Excitement To Your Outdoor Area

The outdoor space can tell a lot about you and your property. A landscaper can help you create a beautiful garden if you don’t have the green fingers. You should not only plant water-wise, low maintenance greenery but also consider an outdoor seating area.

You can add furniture or appliances to your outside space by making sure they are water-resistant. Water-resistant products will last longer and you won’t need to replace them as often. This could also help prevent an unfortunate accident. A chair or table that is rusty will be a disaster.

Do You Need to Hire an Interior Designer?

Although hiring an interior designer can be more expensive, they have the experience and knowledge to furnish a vacation home for a particular type of traveler. A professional interior designer can save you time, make your property stand out, and provide a higher level of comfort and guest experience. These will increase your occupancy rate and nightly rate.

Hourly rates for interior designers is normally a minimum of $100. You can negotiate to pay your interior designer per project, instead of an hourly fee. This is what experienced property managers and hosts would recommend.

The final decision about whether to hire a professional is yours. You can let your decorating skills, budget and time constraints guide you.