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Real Estate Press Release Example

Airdeed Homes Release Research Study of Real Estate Listing Prices for the Top 10 Largest Cities in Florida

Jacksonville, Florida – Airdeed Homes, a leading real estate search engine that provides innovative solutions to help homebuyers find their dream home, is excited to announce the release of its latest research study that focuses on Florida Real Estate by analyzing listing prices for the top 10 largest cities in the state.

The research study utilized data obtained by Airdeed Homes, a reliable real estate market information source, that was pulled on September 22, 2023. The data includes information for the top 10 largest cities in Florida, namely Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Hialeah, Tampa, Cape Coral, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Port St. Lucie, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee.

Airdeed Homes’ variables of interest within the study include the city, count of active listings, average listing price, and median listing price to help provide those interested in owning a home in Florida with a comprehensive evaluation of the current real estate property market.

Based on the analysis of Airdeed Homes’ research data, the average listing prices across the top 10 largest cities in Florida vary significantly. Fort Lauderdale has the highest average listing price at $1,880,864.30, followed by Miami Homes, that have an average listing price of $1,331,295.02. On the other hand, Tallahassee has the lowest average listing price at $383,659.12.

Similarly, the median listing prices also show variations among the cities. Fort Lauderdale has the highest median listing price at $799,786.00, followed by Miami with a median listing price of $749,000.00. Tallahassee again has the lowest median listing price at $325,311.00.

It is worth noting that Hialeah, Cape Coral, Port St. Lucie, and Orlando Houses have relatively lower average and median listing prices compared to cities like Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Therefore, these figures suggest that these cities may have more affordable and accessible housing options.

Despite its findings, Airdeed Homes is aware that the research study has a few limitations. Firstly, the data is limited to the active listings available on Airdeed Homes and does not include information from other reputable real estate sources. Additionally, the data is specific to a particular date (Data Pulled on September 22, 2023) and does not take into account that listing prices will change as listings come on and off the market.

Even with these disadvantages, the analysis of Florida listing prices for the top 10 largest cities shows variations in both average and median listing prices. These findings by Airdeed Homes provide valuable insights into the affordability of housing in different cities, with Fort Lauderdale and Miami having higher listing prices compared to other cities. This research study provides those considering purchasing property within the state a reliable Florida Real Estate Report and serves as a reliable starting point for those who want to explore the real estate trends in Florida further.

About Airdeed Homes

Whether clients are buying, selling, or just wanting to learn more about vacation rental properties, Airdeed Homes can help them move forward. AirDeed Homes is the fastest growing free short-term rentals buying and selling marketplace currently available online, and through its industry-leading customer service and utilization of cutting-edge technology, it is committed to ensuring the home-buying process is as easy and stress-free as possible.

More information

To see the complete research study of listing prices for the top 10 largest cities in Florida by Airdeed Homes, please visit the website at

Airdeed Homes Study Shows Fluctuating Real Estate Prices for Future Arizona Homebuyers

Airdeed Homes, a leading real estate search website, has conducted a comprehensive real estate study analyzing home prices in the 20 major cities in Arizona. The study aimed to provide insights into the real estate market by examining the median and average listing prices and the count of active listings compared to previous months. The data was collected on October 10, 2023, to capture a market snapshot and ensure accuracy and reliability.

The results showed that the more affluent cities saw their median home prices rise. 9 out of 10 cities with the highest median prices saw increases from previous months. Queen Creek was the only city not to see an increase in median home prices. Phoenix Real Estate saw a 5% gain in median home prices.

The remaining ten analyzed cities showed that 7 out of 10 cities saw their median home prices decrease. Major cities, including Tempe, Tucson, and Mesa, are included on this list.

Top 5 Cities Based On Median Home Price

  1. Sedona – Median listing price: $1,198,800.00
  2. Scottsdale – Median listing price: $1,149,000.00
  3. Flagstaff- Median listing price: $849,950.00
  4. Queen Creek – Median listing price: $629,990.00
  5. Gilbert – Median listing price: $629,000.00

Looking at these cities shows the top three being major tourist destinations. This follows the trend in the last several years of tourist destinations seeing significant increases in home values as short-term rental investors increase demand for housing. This trend has particularly hit Arizona real estate due to hotspot destinations like Sedona, Flagstaff and the Luxury Phoneix area.

Bottom 5 Cities Based On Median Home Price

  1. Bullhead City – Median listing price: $439,450.00
  2. Maricopa – Median listing price: $431,445.00
  3. Tucson – Median listing price: $389,900.00
  4. Buckeye – Median listing price: $369,490.00
  5. San Tan Valley – Median listing price: $299,900.00

Tucson is the most notable city within the bottom 5. In this latest study, Tucson homes saw a decrease of roughly 15,000 in home prices. This is a surprise, given Tucson is the second-largest city in the state. Keeping an eye on future fluctuations in the Tucson real estate market may indicate a more significant downturn.

About Airdeed Homes

Airdeed is a cutting-edge real estate search engine that has revolutionized how buyers search for local real estate. Their ultimate goal is to equip home buyers and sellers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their housing needs. Airdeed wants to empower its users with comprehensive local business data on nearby real estate properties for sale.

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